Amazing You Services and Training is an organization that is committed to sharing effective practices that empower individuals, families, and groups to have Amazing Lives. 

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The term Amazing is defined as causing amazement, great wonder, or surprise. To lead an Amazing life and experience long-lasting levels of well-being and happiness, all parts of YOU (physical, emotional, behavioral, mental, environmental, cultural, and spiritual) must be taken into consideration. 

Robin McCall, LCSW, Founder

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The Amazing You philosophy starts with the values that are significant in the therapeutic relationship. We believe in the dignity and worth of the person as well as their right to self-determination.  Amazing You Services and Training honors and respects the uniqueness of each individual from diverse cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses.


Amazing You Services and Training utilizes Positive Psychology practice approaches, which change the focus from deficit, problems, illness, and sickness to strengths and positive factors that will likely resolve current concerns and improve overall quality of life. This approach recognizes that each person has her or his own set of strengths and positive qualities, as well as areas that could be improved. Therefore, we actively engage each person to develop an individualized Amazing Life Plan. 

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Your Greatest Self.


Amazing You Services and Training offers practical skills and programs designed to assist individuals learn effective strategies to uncover, inform, and lead Amazing lives. This includes discovering and enhancing each person spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  


The greatest you is the Amazing You.   




At some time in your life, a personal or work-related problem can begin affecting your happiness, personal well-being, work performance, or career.  Such times can be overwhelming and such problems can be difficult to resolve alone. When you need to talk, Amazing You Services and Training is here to help in a professional, confidential and knowledgeable manner.

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You are AMAZING!

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