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Psycho-Education Services

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  • Twelve (12) and Fifty-two (52)  Week Court Mandated Anger Management Groups or individual sessions

  • Twelve (12) week Parenting Education Classes/groups or individual sessions 

Amazing Parenting Class 

Our Amazing Parenting Class/Sessions meet the court requirements.  

Topics include:

  • Building self-esteem, including, but not limit to, parents building a positive parental identity and building self-esteem of their children.

  • Handling stress and anger.

  • The growth and development of children, including, but not limited to, safety, nutrition and health.

  • Developing and increasing communication skills in order that a parent may learn to listen to and speak with his or her child or children.

  • Learning to use positive disciplinary mechanisms as alternatives to the physical punishment of a child, including, but not limited to, learning what constitutes abuse and neglect.

  • Learning boundaries of permissible sexual conduct by adults with regard to children.

  • Respect for, and sensitivity to, cultural differences in child rearing practices in addressing all of the topics listed above. 

  • and other amazing stuff :+)

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Amazing Anger Management 

Our Amazing Anger Management Class/Sessions meet the court requirements which include

  • Recognizing and understanding the nature and normalcy of anger as a hard-wired reaction for survival when triggere

  •  Understanding the high costs of inappropriate anger expression in today’s society

  •  Learning that the emotion of anger is separate from the expression of anger

  •  Responding to anger triggers in more appropriate ways

  •  Learning the skill of assertive communication as an alternative to angry outbursts or suppression of appropriate angry feelings

  •  Gaining skills in empathy, emotional intelligence, stress management, forgiveness, and improving judgment and impulse control, and 

  • other amazing stuff :+) 



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