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Professional Provider Training 


Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of children? Are you interested in helping a child to maintain his/her relationship with their non-custodial parent while making over $40.00 per hour?  If so become an AMAZING Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor.

​The Court orders a Professional Monitor to accompany a minor child and their non-custodial parent, for various reasons. Your service will allow the custodial parent the reassurance that the child’s physical and emotional safety is being provided for. The role of the Professional Child Visitation Monitor is to be a neutral party who observes behavior. The California Rules of Court- Standard 5.20 states that a Professional Monitor must complete 24 hours of training.

AMAZING YOU is offering training that meets CA Rules of Court requirements. In this 24 hour training, you will be thoroughly trained to be an Independent Professional Monitor or obtain employment with a Professional Supervised Visitation Agency.


In addition to the standards, you will learn

  • how to start up and manage your own Professional Supervised Visitation business

  • effective marketing strategies

  • where to obtain referrals 

  • how to build a team of providers 

  • how successfully apply for County contracts

You will receive template packets that include 

  • intake and screening forms 

  • custodial and non-custodial agreements

  • Safety Plans (to protect children, parents, yourself, and staff)

The training will consist of a lecture (discussion), training videos, and role-playing. You will receive a Certificate of Education from the instructor.

For more information call Child Professional Provider (CPP) at (909) 219-1072


​Testimonials from previous training: 

  • "I obtained information to successfully respond to County's Request for Proposals (RFPs) to provide Professional Supervised Visitation Services." 

  • "I feel equipped to be a Professional Provider." 

  • "I loved the guest speakers and the PowerPoint presentation." 

  • "I really like the role-playing and learning to ensure the safety of the child, family, and myself."

  • "It was very informational."   

  • "It was very educational."​

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